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Creating more, better-paying jobs for our
communities now and for our children in the
future isn’t rocket science. All it requires is low
taxes, less regulation and letting citizens do
what only they can do best - invest and create.
When the government shrinks, our economy
grows. Every unnecessary government
program requires siphoning off money from
the private sector that would otherwise be
used to promote economic growth.
In order to reduce class sizes, we need
more tax dollars in the classrooms. That
means we have to grow the economy to
raise revenue and promote efficiency in
our education system.
We need to push back against the federal
intrusions on our rights and our lands, but
when we do, we need to return power to the
people. We must be careful to not replace
federal overreach with state overreach.
Funding Education
Creating More Jobs
Shrinking Our Government
Protecting Our Rights
Core Principles
Sarah Nitta
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